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About Mrs. Adela Magdalena Ciobanu

Mrs. Adela Magdalena Ciobanu is a graduate of the “Nicolae Bălcescu” High School of Mathematics and Physics in Craiova and of the University of Medicine in Craiova, she has a Master’s degree in Health Management from the University of Bucharest and has also graduated from research and training courses in forensic psychiatric expertise carried out at INML Mina Minovici. Currently, she is a primary care physician, PhD in medical sciences, professor of psychiatry at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest, Department of Neuroscience and Head of Section 1 Clinic at the Clinical Hospital of Psychiatry “Prof. Dr. Alexandru Obregia”. In 2014-2017 she was the medical director of the same hospital mentioned above. She was a research project manager and member of several research teams in national and international projects. In 2022 she was elected president of the Free Psychiatric Association of Romania, and she also is a founding member and former vice-president of the Romanian Society of Biological Psychiatry, a member of the Romanian Association of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. Professor Adela Magdalena Ciobanu was an expert in the evaluation of guides and procedures within the project: “Developing professional skills for medical staff involved in screening affective disorders and preventing suicidal behavior”, conducted through the National Center for Mental Health and Drug Control and the Ministry of Health. Awards: “Best Poster Award” by the World Psychiatric Association, poster entitled “The value of depression, diabetes control and remission and quality of life” at WPA Congress 2013 Bucharest, “Primary care, mental health and public health integration: The Catalytic role of information and Communication Technology”. Professor Ciobanu is interested in promoting art therapy and, implicitly, melotherapy in the recovery of the mentally ill. She coordinated students’ bachelor’s papers and followed the contribution brought by melotherapy and painting in the faster recovery of patients with various psychiatric pathologies. The 6 paintings presented in the exhibition are part of the personal collection of Professor Adela Ciobanu being the fruit of encouraging the patients to express their emotions and moods through art, color, and painting. The color palette chosen by the painters who made the 6 paintings is a vivid, optimistic, floral, but also abstract one, reflecting the joy of the remission of psychiatric pathology, and the recovery of the desire for life and beauty. The materials used to make the 6 paintings are from their own sources, independent of those provided by the hospital and its workshops.

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