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About Prof. Doctor Aurel Romila

The ARTINSANE exhibition, supervised by PhD. Valentin-Veron Toma, is a first, soaring high I would add, but a prelude at the same time. But for the entirety of my collection to be exhibited it would require, let’s say, a vast space, like ground floor of the Royal Palace of Bucharest or a similarly generous venue.

The paintings are left to be knowingly appraised, maybe from an oneiric perspective, even a hermeneutical one, I must admit. Beyond psychiatrists, psychologists or art critics, an important role will have philosophers as well, burdened to decipher its meanings.

I think that the Romanian patients should be given a helping hand, especially that the field of mental illness requires a tremendous support, not only financially speaking. Therefore, I believe we must make a leap in that sense right now: we admit that medication represents for sure a revolution, but is woefully insufficient if we do not increase the intake of other forms of therapy, including art-therapy.

Professor Doctor A. Romila (2019)

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